Mask Tutorial


I wanted to create a tutorial to show you how to make a Non-Medical Cloth Mask.


You will need:

- approx. 16 x 8" of tightly woven cotton twill fabric

- approx. 16 x 8" of cotton interlock fabric

- a sewing machine or needle and thread

- tailor's chalk or a piece of dry soap for tracing

- 24" ( or less) of elastic or 36" (or less) twill tape or ribbon or string

- a mask pattern. You can download and print my pattern HERE

You can also follow along with my tutorial video HERE!



Step 1: Trace your pattern, cut out pattern pieces and ties. I fold the fabric in two width wise and cut through both layers at the same time to get a symmetrical set of mirror image pattern pieces. You will need two mirror pieces for the outer an two for the Lining. You can also cut your elastic or ribbon to size. Measure the distance from the top of your ear, around the top of your head and then back around to the other ear, add two inches to that for the elastic measurement and 7-10" for the ribbon. Do the same but now measure from you earlobe, around the base of your head and to the other earlobe. Add appropriate slack to elastic and ties.

Step 2: Place both outer mask pieces of cotton right sides together. Sew the curved seam from top edge to bottom, repeat for lining pieces.

Step 3: Attach the ties to the outer of the mask. Sew the Long ribbon or elastic pieces at the top of each side and the shorter at the bottom. Leave a 1/4" (for seam allowance) from both top and bottom.

Step 4: Place the outer and lining, right side to right side (both seam allowances will be visible). Sew across the top (the part which will sit above your nose) from outer corner to outer corner. Flatten the seam allowances at the cross-seams as you sew over them.

Step 5: Close the sides by sewing the lining to the outer (with the ties sandwiched inside) in a straight seam down each side.

Step 6: Sew across the bottom. I like to start with one corner, sew through the cross-seam (flatten your seam allowance as well as you can) and sew another inch past the cross-seam. The stop and leave  1.5-2' gap in your sewing ( you will use this to turn the mask right side out). Continue sewing for another inch or sew until you reach the opposite corner.

Step 7: Turn the mask by pulling the inside to the outside and then top stitch across the bottom. I find it helps to grab the ties and pull them out to start the "turning" process. Once you have turned your mask, tuck the seam allowances in. You can top stitch all the way across the bottom or simply stitch the 1.5-2" opening closed.

Step 8: You can now press the mask! Pull out all the corners and points and tuck the lining into the curved seam which will sit in the middle of your face. Press the top and bottom seams. Fold the mask in two and press flat. Voila, its ready to wear!

Wear the mask by tying the ties at the top back of your head and the nape of your neck. There are many safety precautions that should be considered when wearing reusable masks. Please read this excellent guide to masks and PPE by Make Toronto for more information.

Stay happy and healthy, from all of us at NUIT.



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