NUIT Spring '24: "La Femme/Diable"

La Femme Diable

In our Spring ‘24 Collection, “La Femme/Diable”, we explore the ways in which a woman is vilified throughout the stages of her lifetime. The projections which women are subject to in youth, through maturity and in old age are reflected throughout.

Duo-tone styles confront the categories of “saint” and “sinner”which women are divided into habitually. The reversible Babydoll dress is literally “Two-Faced”, hiding an inner darkside, deceitful from the start. Red is lust, a gaze which devours. Traditional hourglass silhouettes are treated with multiple drawstrings, the web of the Black Widow. Finally, in the horned Demon Diamond she is the Adversary, the “Femme-Faust”, the personification of “villain”. 

Projections ultimately reflect fears of female agency, and by crystallizing them into physical garments, we hold them up to be “tried on”, examined, scrutinized. Through our own awareness, we transform the role of the villain into one of freedom. By embracing the dichotomies of “saint” and “sinner” in one, we defeat stereotypes and embrace whole personhood, robust self-realization. We accept the role of the adversary, who says:

“I am who I am and I want what I want”.